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QR code for Real Estate

You may possibly not know but since ever, I’ve usually been fast to check new marketing ideas as they come out. And since I own, it’s usually been a way to put those ideas on the web. That was the case when I heard about the QR codes about 2 years ago.

I read an article on the web about it and I know they are utilized for literally everything there. You walk within the street, pass by a restaurant and you’ll be able to see a QR code on the wall, beside the door. You take a picture with you cellphone and you get the menu and pricing on your screen. It’s that straightforward.

Of course, sky’s the limit. You’ll be able to locate those code on T-shirt, coffee mugs, and any sales materials accessible, such as Real Estate flyers or company cards.

Let me give you some suggestions to use them in your Real Estate career.

Initial get that application for your smart phone. They are nearly all free to download and free to use. They are all accessible to use on any smart phone. You’ll be able to locate a dozen of them just by Googleling QR codes app 🙂

Then, create your own QR code for whatever you require, whatever it is a phone number, an email or a website. Personally, I use to make them and print them, or copy the image from it.

Secondly, just insert them in each piece of marketing you want to have. Have your website URL QR code on your flyers and company cards. Print the URL of a particular listing you’ve and show it on your yard sign. Which will permit possible buyer who pass by to have the pictures of the inside and your data on the spot!

And third, I have experienced plenty of interest about those QR codes from possible clients. They ask questions and when they get the full picture of it, it turn out to be a massive listing tool. They see you as an “tech savvy and advanced” Real Estate agent. You will get the attention of higher end sellers, folks who are a lot more into new technologies. Those typically owns higher priced properties.
The cool factor is not just about showing off. Sometimes it’s about showing folks that you’ve the capacity to imagine the next generation of real estate technology, that you’ve what it takes to appeal to the bleeding edge of modern house shoppers, and-this can’t be overlooked-that you’re willing to try something distinct and pique our really human curiosity.

So what about those that don’t have a QR reader on their phones (the majority of Americans)? Explain it to them on your site. Put a URL next to it that corresponds to an area on your website that discusses QR codes. And, what do you know? You got them to visit your website, with your listings, contact info, and all that other killer content you’ve to capture leads.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Features and History

Marketing has come to existence since the introduction of the metal movable type, the first printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. When his printing machine became popular due to the success of publishing the Gutenberg Bible, flyers and brochures have become widespread and have become the first form of marketing. Since then, promotion of products and services has been done through printed and later, digital means. Magazines, newspapers, and posters have been filled with products and services that cater to the needs and wants of people. With television sets and radios becoming available on a commercial scale, people have seen and hear commercials during break times in between shows that are aired on both media.

The introduction of the first mobile phone in 1973 has revolutionized the way organizations endorse products and services to be sold. SMS, known as text messages, sparked a new way of advertising, which became known as mobile marketing. In comparison to traditional marketing, which comes in various media and sizes from the flyers to the billboards, mobile marketing comes in small packages, although more phones have been improved with wider screens, including smartphones, causing a cultural hype within the youth, which is the most dominant cell phone-using demographic. To most people mobile marketing can be a form of guidance and annoyance depending on how companies endorse their products. And with the further innovations on mobile technology, including the introduction of smartphones and 3rd generation (3G) phones, most people like yourself find the current mobile marketing trends complex. Here are the common marketing methods used by advertisers on mobile phones.

SMS or short messaging service is the most common marketing method done by promoters on phones. Promotional messages include details of a product or service, and the numbers to call for people who want to try or purchase it. SMS gained fame after 2000, when firms and business in Europe and some countries in Asia have collected phone numbers and started sending unnecessary text messages.

MMS, known as multimedia message service, is used as a marketing method where an organized set of images, text, sounds, and clips is used to endorse a product or service. MMS uses various types of media in comparison to SMS, which is a text-only message. The former method can be used in 2 ways: application-to-person (A2P) and person-to-person (P2P). One great example is the continuous advertisements of Motorola at House of Blues, where the brand tolerates the users to send their pictures through phones to the light-emitted diode (LED) and make a web log or blog for their images in real-time.

Mobile marketing can also be performed through games, specifically on real-time 3D games, massive multi-player games, and casual games. These games have been played by millions of mobile phone users, including the youth demographic, which caused companies to send marketing messages through the games and endorse games to attract customers. The method is termed as mobile advergaming.

There are other means of cellphone-based marketing including the use of Bluetooth and Infrared, although they are less popular to SMS, MMS, and mobile advergaming. You may find all of the mobile ads as a nuisance, but they have changed the way people endorse their products forever. Whether you like it or not, mobile marketing is here to stay, so get used to it.

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Mobile Marketing

Using Mobile in Email Marketing

Now that high-technology phone and gadgets are now being popular, it is not shocking to know that an increasing number of people will now use these gadgets to access their favorite websites and check their email while on mobile. Web marketing experts should keep an eye to this. Moreover, eMarketer announced that, according to their research, majority of those who use mobile internet check mostly of their email than doing any other activities. This is mainly because email stays as the most vital tool for communication both for personal and professional reasons.

For the mean time, the study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and Nielson concluded that even though desktop users spend most of their time on social networking sites, mobile users give main concern to email messages. For June 2010, Nielson found out that in one hour, 25 minutes will be dedicate to email, 6.18 minutes on social sites, and the rest on other activities. This presents a lot of opportunities in web marketing.

It seems that email only comes second to search when it comes to internet popularity. Even then, email remains more effective for marketers because it captures and retains the attention of a highly targeted audience. As a result, it is safe to conclude that email marketing, already one of the key ingredients of a successful web marketing campaign, will become even more important.

Getting Mobile Email Marketing Right

If you intend to take advantage of this trend early, there are a few things you need to look into. First of all, you need to ensure that the email messages you send can display correctly in mobile devices. Some of the considerations include:

Usage – users are pressed for time when they’re traveling. That’s why it is important to know their surfing habits. Right now, many are used to checking at their inboxes and deleting the not-so-important information. This might start trouble for some web marketing firms because this habit might tend to become regular usage. Of course, if your messages are highly targeted, it will just make your company more competitive.

Content Rendering – the competition in the technology manufacturing sector is stiff. Who will ultimately end up as the winner: the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, maybe even Nokia? Every firm is trying to create the most user-friendly interface that users will get used to. As a result, devices vary in how content is rendered. Make sure that your emails are easily readable in the most popular devices today.

Platform – instead of a big screen in front of them, they’re viewing your message in a 2 to 4 inches screen. Email formatting should be unique, straight-forward, and large, heavy graphics are ideally avoided.

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Virtual Marketing

Social media marketing Evaluations

The reality of how the advertising and promotion of these days working in the virtual environment is often influenced by social media marketing. With social networking tools and blogsites much community subscribers with hobbies or interest, many actions to get the care and interest of these communities are oriented to success and profit.

The advertisers promote their substance or multimedia or text, with entertainment or information. What method of approving things used social media marketing goes beyond news and expectations of rapid return on investment. These efforts to succeed, here are the thoughts of some of the most important aspects.

Social media marketing is on sustainable actions. Popular sites are followers not to become millions, that they were now without sustainable actions and made consistent day for potential subscribers. It took some time, these web sites, maybe even months to even a participant population stable enough steady to go “viral” and spread even faster. There was no ideal switch and the output method, but continued efforts in the promotion, although there were already thousands of subscribers.

gained marketing social media promotions, and unpaid. The Internet is a great community that allows generic advertising and free promotions. Unlike advertising on television and radio, where airtime is paid, most are taken to a rights refund request and instead of being paid by the web server.

Those who wish to promote within a community server for advertising at no cost, but to be detrimental to the edge of other endorsers. In this scenario, the rate of information to share with other participants in an uncontrolled manner and does not depend on the amount of exposure, but the driving force of the participants.

Social media marketing is an ongoing commitment. , Social Media Marketing to just keep it as two people a strong relationship is the interaction of the seller and the target community. The relationship must be two ways instead of one. Unlike channel in television advertising in the information to the public, requires the social media marketing to create a feedback process in interaction and continuous improvement are immediately required.

In the presence of an improvement in the advertising campaign endorsements Subside scalable and fact on social networks and the latest news and similar updates other dwarf get. Customers want something new or enhanced from time to time therefore any campaign must be made fresh with new content regularly remain outstanding.

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Article marketing

Article marketing has been around since the invention of the printing press. It was a way for a company to offer a free consultation in the form of an informative article but also free advertising, not only for their services. A good example is an article on how to minimize the repairs of your car. eventually information on auto repair shop in conjunction, if repairs are necessary. Newspapers have these types of printed items as a way to fill their paper and write budget is kept to a minimum.

Since the introduction of the Internet, article marketing has developed to take full advantage of this new technology to present their products to the consumer. First there was email that was marked as spam since. It is sent to the masses to unwanted advertisements and have become a nuisance.

E-commerce has a different shape on the Internet. Article writing is an explosion in the use of search engines did. It was possible for webmasters and exposure of the site operator of their sites made in the hands of potential customers to obtain. Through the use of keywords in an article, consumers use the subjects of the search engines, the products have the main souse divert traffic to certain websites.

This type of marketing has become operated with a large amount of unwanted content, whose sole purpose is to direct consumers to specific sites. low quality products become an endemic problem. This has many users of search engines discourage seeking quality information, but sometimes misleading and sometimes find content that is false.

right article marketing techniques is the quality writers use to publish the solids, can be trusted. A quality product is a better impression on consumers and trust links on this particular site have a better chance of being clicked.


Article marketing is one of the few proven methods to drive traffic to your site. The problem is that your quality articles to article directories is a lot of work – or at least the one used. Visit and learn to use sophisticated software product marketing to leverage the true power of article marketing (like the pros).


Post card marketing

Anyone who has heard of Joe Girard will know that he has been registered to sell more cars on a one-to-one basis as any other person in the Guinness Book of Records. Joe Girard was twelve years in a row.

Joe Girard recommendations through sending cards each month. He kept a record of his clients he remembers birthdays, any holiday or special occasions. It sends the card at every opportunity. Joe sent a whopping 13 000 handwritten cards per month. He had two assistants to help him.

marketing cards worked for Joe to sell cars, and it works for everyone n selling company.
Send A map contains a fraction of the target mails or direct mail costs are involved, the marketing experts and gurus believe it is the best way to market your product.

There are many postcards designs and formats to choose from. If you are a businessman, you can choose larger or smaller postcards than standard postcard.

If you want to be different, you can brochures holder bent from time to time to send as the message of your postcard marketing campaign.

For special events in your store, you can take Seng Postcard aside to finish. If you want to invite people to your business or your business anniversary celebration sale, then you can send a page postcard works.

If you want, you can use the services of experts to write postcard also appeal to you. Experts for sending postcards recommend using the gate folded postcard style card.

Goal-folded postcard has two folds that meet in the middle, and has two plates to provide a door, showing the inside. For this reason, it is called as gatefold style. You get more space in these sections to print.

The receiver tries to take a look at the packaging of the postcard. Unlike the letter wrapped style business, this type of card “does not appear bulky and is relatively easy to switch.

So why not try postcard instead of direct marketing!

marketing postcard

Article Source:


Flyer Marketing

There are a lot of avenues to make money online and there are a lot of ways to make money offline.

For true success the key is to combine the power of the two. This isn’t some secret piece of knowledge. Every Internet Marketing message board you go to will have a section on offline promotion. For ages people have been taking simple steps like putting their websites on their business cards, brochures and menus. Conversely they have been putting those things on their website.

You want your online presence to boost your offline recognition and vice versa.

If you have an internet product/service OR if you are promoting someone else’s service/product you are doing yourself an injustice if you don’t think about the classic (dare I say the original?) guerilla marketing technique – flyers!

They are super cheap to make and, if you do it yourself, free to distribute. Alright maybe not free, they might cost you sore feet though – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The history of the flyer dates back all the way to the 16th century. They didn’t really blow up as a form of promotion until the 60’s when the psychedelic colors and designs on flyers were the most popular way to promote a concert. That is when the flyer truly came into it’s own.

Flyers are still widely used to promote events, services, products and even breaking news. Take a look at any construction site in your city and look at the vast number of flyers that are pasted there. Take a look at your grocery stores cork board. Flyers are used, because they work.

They may not be the “green” choice that is so popular today but you can reduce the environmental impact of flyers by using recycled paper AND making sure to promote your product/service properly. That means you target certain areas (like the cork boards in particular stores) where your offer is most likely to get a response. Targeted “flyering” is that rare technique in that it is both environmentally AND economically sound

It is a waste of time, paper and money to hang flyers everywhere. Pick your products carefully and pick the areas to hang your flyer even more carefully. If you have a great online offer and combine that with responsible and targeted flyer placement – you are bound to get some much needed exposure while having little impact on the environment (and pocket book!).

Next time you have something you need to promote online..think offline! Go with flyers!

Ted Payne spent his formative working years in service to the community. He was a front line worker at a homeless shelter for a decade. Since most people burn out in 3-5 years in that field, a decade was enough for Ted. He switched his focus to internet marketing because he was sick and tired of answering to a boss. After many misfires and frustrations Ted is now making his living through the internet. Read about his quick cash story now.

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Online Marketing

Online Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing aims to get others to spread your marketing message for you without further effort from you once the message is created. The essence of a viral message is that it spreads ever outwards, multiplying as it goes and with a life of it’s own. The secret then is to give people a message that they want to spread or cannot avoid spreading. For us online marketers, the simple message we want to spread is the URL of our website, sales page, landing page, or whatever.

There are of course general viral aims such as raising our profile, but the two main aims are to get back-links that will improve our search engine rankings, and to drive traffic to our site. All methods are not equally effective for these two main aims. Here are five well-known message mediums, with some tips on making them viral. We need to be clear what we are trying to achieve with each.

Mostly for links

Article writing. Use that resource box to the full and include three deep links to your site. You immediately get links from the directory or other site where to post the article, and you’re looking for others to post the article and resource box in many more places so that it spreads virally.

White papers. These work in a similar way to articles, except that they are usually first posted, or given away from, you own site. There are no links initially, but you hope that people will post the paper on their own sites and encourage others to take it up.

Mostly for traffic

These methods make it unlikely that the medium will be used In a way that will provide back-links, but if people read it on-screen they may click the link

Tip: Keep links simple and memorable for people who see them in printed form.

eBooks. Make your eBook free. Put your link in the footnote at the bottom of every page, and where appropriate in the text. Encourage people to give away copies.

Email. Have a text link in you signature box and also possibly your logo with a picture link. Make sure the main text of your email encourages people to forward it to others.

Software. Aim for neat bits of software that contain your link in a way that it will be displayed often in a way that encourages that click – widgets, clocks, simple games, almost anything. But keep your objective in mind. It’s no good having your software passed on to thousands if they never see the message.

Jack Munt is a writer and online marketer. Find more about viral marketing at: – Marketing Business


Marketing Green Earth

Reading the latest Norwich Union study on eco-lies to make me my own authenticity Green Girl Wannabe in question. Appearances are deceptive, and a lot of green I took credit should really go Green Guru. I Green Guru married less than two years ago. This life-changing event led a green consciousness, which was not there before. There is a difference between being aware and taking action, however. If I’m honest with myself, I’m still stuck in the role of passive thinkers. Green Guru is to make a ninety-nine percent of the work environment in our home. If there were no Green Guru, I’d still be living in my old house, the explosion of a poor insulation and energy costs sky. I would still drive my old Subaru. I’d still be a dilettante recyclers. I would even wash loads in like you would not believe. I would still have the plastic road from Whole Foods. I brazenly overbuy room and throw half away. I would use all my old bulbs. I would all devices connected 24/7 leave. This is who I am, still in the ring.

This split between consciousness and the lack of appropriate measures has become an obsession of mine. Back in the 80s led the British account based in the planning of advertising and has revolutionized the way the ads are designed. The role of the account planner is for consumers to understand at a much deeper level than is generally realized by traditional market research techniques. account planning is based on a string of consumer insights. Part of the problem with the current climate crisis, there is no convincing message to the majority of people like me who actually sold in a set of green land. The reason why there was still no convincing message, is the lack of a well-designed communication campaign. If Green Earth was a product, and I am responsible for marketing to sell it, I would have dismissed long ago my work. This is where account planning comes in. There must be a better understanding of what motivates people. Why buy the product GreenEarth? Why do they do to their old habits again? What convincing? These are the questions that should be asked. These are the questions I ask myself.

Awareness is not a problem. I believe the problem. I know what to do so. The first thought is that I feel detached. My life is good enough as it is. If you ask me to change my life so radically, I’m not sure I can. One thing I could handle, but not much, especially if I do not suffer now. The old methods of work for me. They can not work for the planet, but they work for me. I must not change the will of my own. It’s too much work, too much trouble, and I have enough on my plate already. I could regulations. But to initiate changes in my own, especially a number that is just too much. I always tried to do with all the green there gooders about their green actions provide. Good for them. For me, it makes me feel guilty and incompetent. So many things I have to do. I give up. You do not understand what I have to do as it is. Do not ask me more. ,

Account Planner could stop there. And start my sense smorgasbord of ideas to do. Insight that comes out, is my cry. I want to do good, but I can not, and I’m looking for another way to ask. I do not want to have so much to do. Important lifestyle changes to make energy needs. This is no different from people trying to quit smoking or drinking, or lose weight. For this reason, Weight Watchers and twelve step program are so popular. What is needed here is a green solution of the earth that does not put as much pressure on the consumer, and moving instead to external structures. Big Brother has to step.

Rao Marguerite-Coat is a blogger, social psychologist and green girl wannabe. Margaret “My Inconvenient Truth: Daily Sins of Green Girl Wannabe” Since April 2007, she wannabe their daily suffering as a green girl in chronic blog

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Virtual Marketing

The Benefits Of Using Video Virtual Tours

In today’s tough real estate market, any unique method of garnering attention for your property or listing should be pursued. Regardless of the size of your business or what you have to offer in your residential or commercial listing, video virtual tours will help to portray your property in its best light, while garnering interest from the greatest number of parties. By hosting a video virtual tour, you immediately give a professional and notable impression to interested parties. It shows that you have confidence in your listing and are proud to show it to any and all interested parties.

Virtual tours include panoramic images and HD stills. They may or may not include background music or professional voiceover narration, depending on your needs. If any interested party sees a listing in a paper or advertisement and they have a doubt based on what they read, they may choose not to pursue the property, in general. However, when they can see the layout, surroundings, and quality of the residential or commercial business online, it will answer any questions they may have had and will likely pique their interest even further.

Video virtual tours allow interested parties to get a good idea of what your property has to offer in a comfortable, no-pressure environment. This allows them to become interested without having to actually set up a meeting to see it in person. Not only does this save the interested party time, stress, and hassle, but it saves the real estate agent a great deal of time, as well.

Many professional photographers will even offer a virtual tour package to ensure that you have everything you need to be competitive. These packages usually include a virtual tour, website, and custom designed flyers or advertisements. The photographer usually can upload the tour for you as well to YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook,, your company’s website, or on any other website that you find appropriate. This will provide the most effective means of getting your listing out to the general public.

To remain competitive in this difficult real estate market, it is crucial that you take advantage of anything that may set your listing apart from the rest. Video virtual tours allow interested parties to answer their own questions about the property from the comfort of their own computer. This is the best way to advertise your listing, while increasing general interest in the property.

Premier Digital Photography ( offers Video Virtual Tours services for Residential and Commercial Real Estate.