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How Can Direct Marketing Increase Your Business?

When you first start up your business, you are probably filled with great marketing ideas. But then, as you start to input them into your marketing strategy, you discover you are not getting the results you expected. You have found that what you are doing is not working and need to move on to another plan. You’ve read about direct marketing, but do not understand exactly what it entails. The following will help you to determine whether or not this can help you to increase your business.

First of all, direct marketing involves the use of snail mail, email, catalogs, telemarketing, and other types of media. Many people start out by sending out flyers about their business offering a promotional code. This way, when someone responds to the flyer, you can ask them what the promotional code is and you have a way to track how well this method worked. For example, if you sent out one-thousand flyers in the mail and you receive a response from two-hundred people, you will be able to determine that this campaign was successful.

If you are currently selling a product or service, direct marketing can help you to reach more potential customers. Whether you choose to send out a flyer in the mail, send out an email to those addresses your purchased through a lead company, or you put out a small infomercial on television, you will find that direct marketing is a great way to get your business and products out there in the public.

Most people purchase the product because of a need. Your marketing campaign must be designed to hit that need with your potential customers. In other words, you must base your advertising on hot buttons. These are what will make the customer want to purchase your product. For example, if you are selling a weight loss product, you have got to highlight the need and desire to lose weight. Once they see the results others are getting with the product, they will be calling you to place an order.

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Direct Marketing

The advantage of direct mail marketing postcards

What direct marketing campaign can do for your business? Do you try to customers, receive the message, but did not feel as if they are the way they react they want? Have you imagined them sitting in their homes or offices, sifting through piles of letters and bills to only throw your precious marketing materials as soon as they come into contact with their hands? We know it’s difficult to get your name out there, but you can still take some steps to make your more effective direct marketing.

The advantage of direct mail marketing postcards

You must first realize that your customers or potential customers already receive large amounts of email. Anyone over a certain annual income threshold can bet his people. After money you can expect to get many different types of materials of unwanted mail direct marketing. Therefore, your organization with a graphic or design of this must fit your direct marketing is more effective. A notable design is your marketing materials to look like a postcard from an old friend. Most people can not do without such an opportunity so that your organization stand out in stark constrast against a wall paper to jaded letters.

1) Choose what you want to say

With advertising postcards, you get to decide what to say to your customers, and more importantly, how you say want. Ordinary mail will not let you get close to them to do in the situation. Remember that people are trying so fast through their emails to sift through as they can, and they have seen it all. You know what everyone is trying to get them to do, but you can do better. You can create unique content for your business opportunities. You can also select a unique design that makes your business really shine over all the “junk” mail received other direct mail marketing campaigns.

2) What the research shows

Research shows that advertising is a proven way of postcards to get the word about your business. If you doubt the effectiveness of using postcards in your direct mail marketing campaign, just ask some entrepreneurs who have used them in the past. You will notice that the contractors are on average more satisfied with the results they have seen their advertising postcard campaign. You will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you have chosen a very effective way of advertising.

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Direct Marketing

Direct Mail

Want the very best Direct Mail services?

Why wouldn’t you? Direct Marketing will drive customers to your site. Campaigns can be used to pinpoint target audiences and you can increase the chances of boosting your sales figures with a Direct Mail operation. Tell your customers about the special events that you’ll be running in the near future with Direct Mail services. Let them know how valued they are and give them free gifts as part of your next marketing campaign. Whether you are pinpointing specific customers or want to reach out to a general audience, Direct Mail services can assist you at each step of the way. Professional Direct Mail companies will print and deliver marketing material to customers found on existing databases.

Drum up new business

Things might be ticking along nicely at the moment and you are happy with your current crop of customers. What happens if the well runs dry and your customers decide to take their business elsewhere? Isn’t it better to attract the attention of new customers and build up your existing client base? Reach out to new audiences with Direct Mail campaigns and you’ll be adding more consumers to your existing client list. Can there be a thing as too many customers? Of course there can’t. The services of Direct Mail companies can help your business stay sharp. Use Direct Mail as part of a Direct Marketing campaign and you can let new consumers or business know all about the services that you offer. Want to increase your sales figures? Let Direct Mail services increase your profit margins.

It’s going to cost

Let’s put it this way. Think of the Direct Mail services as an investment for the good of your company. Input a small amount of money into Direct Mail campaigns now and you’ll be sowing the seeds of potential sales in the future. Once Direct Marketing takes place the rewards of your financial input are quick to blossom. Fulfilment services can be provided by high volume Direct Mail specialists and they help to make mail marketing seem rather easy. They can deal with all aspects of Direct Mail campaigns so all you have to worry about is keeping up with client orders. Get a quote for your next mail marketing venture. It’ll cost, but not as much as you might think. offers a multitude of mail and marketing campaigns; visit our site today for more information on Direct Mail and Direct Marketing .

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Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: A Marketing Bulls Eye

With all the technological advancements present nowadays that can be used in advertising any products or services, it is necessary that merchants should know and understand who their target audience is and how are they going to reach these people. They have to spend more effort on this or else their competitors will be the one to get all their prospects.

Many forms of traditional media are now slowly deteriorating when it comes to their effectiveness. A lot of them are replaced with new media tools that are in today. Some of the old media that are not effective to use nowadays are radio, newspapers and even TV. The only old traditional media that is still effective amidst all the advancements is the traditional mail that is used for direct marketing. Based on the data submitted by Infotrends(1), 69% of consumers still prefer the traditional mail compared to its electronic counterparts.

Businessmen used new technologies to their advantage for direct mailing rather than replacing it with new media tool. It is believed that if you put personal touch in your mail, the campaign will have a greater chance to succeed. By creating a personal message like putting the name of the target clients for example, makes them feel important and get more attached to your business.

Almost all business owners already have the technology to use for the success of their direct mail campaign. They have this software that stores the collected list of prospect clients and important details that can be used for the campaign. Theres a tool also that can be used to make more personalized direct mail marketing.

Always Keep Track of Basic Information & Every Transaction with a Prospect or Customer

You should always update and keep track of all the needed information of your customers. Do not just get the basic information like the name, telephone number and address, as much as possible try to record details such as, the last time they purchase a product from you and what did they purchase, their special product reference, the last time you had an encounter with them, or their response to your ads. Meaning to say, all possible and needed information should be recorded and this can be used for future reference.

If you are new in the business and having difficulties in gathering list of prospect clients, you can actually purchase list of prospect clients from a broker with unquestionable reputation. Doing a direct marketing campaign with the use of the lists given by the brokers can be a good start while youre still groping in the dark.

Using direct mail as a way to advertise your products and services is very cost effective. You only get to mail those clients who have the potential of doing business with you. You wont go astray just like what happen to other forms of advertising. In suing direct mail, you dont have to spend much, but you get to touch more people especially those people who are really interested with the services youre offering and the products that youre selling.

Direct mail campaign gives you results that you can record and adjust for more possible profit. This is one of the benefits that you can get in using this medium for advertising your products and services.

Giving promotional goods as a gift or token in responding to the mail will definitely increase the effectiveness of your direct mail. This will also help to easily measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

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Direct Marketing

Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?

Depending on who you talk to these days, some people seem to think that direct mail is as dead as the dodo. Rising postage rates coupled with a struggling U.S. Postal Service, shrinking mail volume, and rising paper costs have all led many businesses to abandon mail and turn to email or online marketing instead to acquire and retain customers.

But think twice before you abandon traditional mail. For some, using old-fashioned mail remains the best marketing strategy.

Direct Mail as Marketing Strategy
Many people believe that direct mail should be considered a marketing tactic, a method to reach customers. Direct mail can also be considered a strategy.

Consider these attributes:

It’s stealthy. It flies under the radar. Competitors cannot easily track and monitor mailing activities. They can peruse your website, sign up for your email lists, and monitor your online activities much more easily than they can see your direct mail efforts.
It gets attention. Because the volume of mail has declined, new catalogs, offers and well-crafted direct mail stand out from the crowd.
It’s tangible. Many people like to hold a mail piece in their hands.
It gets past the gatekeeper or the spam filter. True, people still read their unsolicited mail over the trash can, and you still have only a few seconds to grab their attention. But compared to automated spam filters and blocks on the major email list serves, you’ve got a better chance of getting a mail piece in front of a customer than you do an email if you have no prior relationship with the customer.
It’s measurable. It’s accountable. With every dollar spent on mail, you can directly attribute sales, customer acquisition, and over time, the lifetime value of a customer.

Many consumers still prefer mail to email. With the prevalence of malicious computer viruses and spam emails bordering on pornography, the control, immediacy and tangible pleasure of receiving a new direct mail catalog or offer through the mail remains a draw for many people.

Reduce Costs

Many companies remain skeptical, especially given the costs of sending a large-scale mail piece. There are several ways to reduce the costs.

Use postcard mailings instead of packages. Postcards are inexpensive, get attention quickly, and can be equally effective.
Review U.S. Postal Service guidelines for mail pieces and be sure to structure pieces for maximum discounts. This includes size, format, and weight requirements.
Look for opportunities to group your mailing with others to achieve postal discounts.
Use lighter papers to save postage.
Keep your lists scrupulously clean.
Combine mail with email for a one-two punch and higher response rates.

Direct mail isn’t dead. It’s fallen a bit in popularity, but for companies who really want to keep their marketing activities under the radar, it remains the best strategy to promote products and services without announcing their marketing efforts.

Jeanne Grunert is president of Seven Oaks Consulting, offering direct and online marketing services and unique freelance writing. After a successful 20 year career in direct and online marketing where she led marketing efforts for major global firms, Ms. Grunert opened Seven Oaks Consulting and focuses on direct and online marketing strategies for her clients. Ms. Grunert holds a Master of Science degree (with distinction) in Direct and Online Marketing from New York University and has won many awards for her business, direct marketing, and writing projects. For more information about Seven Oaks Consulting and Jeanne Grunert, visit

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Network Marketing Or Direct Sales

Network marketing and direct sales share a common platform on various counts although they differ in terms of compensation structure. They are both avenues of marketing used by companies to cut down on their direct sales force and on costs of infrastructure required for reaching out to the customer through showrooms and stocking units.

As per the Direct Selling Association, statistics recorded in America during 2007 showed there were 15 million Americans involved in direct selling, accounting for $ 30 billion in direct retail sales. 98 percent of these sellers operated through multi-level networks and 70 percent of the sales were generated from the seller’s home. These statistics prove the success of network marketing and direct sales making both of these good online business options to consider.

Both Network marketing and direct sales fall under the category of self employment with the requirement of selling skills. These enterprises require entrepreneurs who are self motivated, good at networking and capable of making a least a minimum investment of time and money to get started. While both these online business options are highly are remunerative, it will take some time for you to see the commencement of steady inflow of money from your business.

Network marketing and direct sales leverage the support provided by companies in terms of the big budget advertisements, information on corporate websites and marketing material. Companies in turn remunerate this indirect sales force through commissions and other incentives. There are various types of compensation structures in both forms and both need careful understanding before signing up.

In regards to the differences between Network marketing and direct sales, there is a one-to-one relationship between the company, the seller and the customer in direct sales. In this business, the profits are more.

In network marketing, especially multi-level marketing which is more popular, there are several layers of salesmen between the company and the customer. In this business, the profits are less since they have to be shared by the Downline.

When it comes to compensation, in direct selling, if you bring in the sales, you get paid and keep the entire commission to yourself. When you are not selling, you don’t make any money. In multi-level marketing, depending on the scheme, whenever a person in a chain sells, the compensation is shared with the all members in the chain above that person.

Anthony M Healy is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Anthony and his team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits that exceed 0K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Anthony, visit

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