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Social mobile marketing offers 'golden opportunity'

Social mobile marketing offers 'golden opportunity'
Shaw was speaking at a conference Friday in the Tannery building in downtown Kitchener about a rapidly growing and changing area of digital marketing called social-local-mobile, or SoLoMo in the lingo of marketers. The conference was organized by Mad …
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Strategy Analytics: Mobile Enterprise Business Applications Market Rise to
Strategy Analytics Mobile Enterprise Business Applications Market Rise to $ 63.0 Billion by 2020 Gina Luk, Senior Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies and author of “The State of the Mobile Enterprise Business Application Market,” says the increase in …
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Mobile Marketing Will Shift in India
The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Warc found that location-based marketing was the No. 1 mobile technology currently in use in India, with 84% of marketers using it. It will still be tops in 2020, with little shift in usage, respondents …
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Is Mobile Marketing “spam”?

With the e-mail mass mailings blind people in a unsolicited form is known as Spam. If by some mass-mailing companies to achieve their advertising, it is a common and relatively inexpensive way to consumers. Most people today, however, have filters spam or at least the spam folder, where most spam is redirected or removed and therefore never seen or read. It is desirable that, more and is inefficient and probably in those days, a waste of time only Mobile marketing “Spam” with another name? Far from it and therefore ……

Unlike spam, mobile marketing code is mainly applied communication. The user has made initial contact on his cell phone, so unlike spam, which is random mobile marketing and personal blind, welcomed, personalized and addressed to the interested user. It is a way to communicate with consumers on their mobile device via a simple marketing message to present to the user a new or existing product, campaign, contest or to allow them to visit a mobile site. Thus, the user has expressed interest.

Spam has no regard for privacy and cares little user obtains the number of spam messages in this way. In contrast, the Mobile Marketing Association in the United States has its own code of conduct; it must improve the basic values ​​and principles for all members insist on the need for members of the campaign to protect and create the customer experience.

Mobile marketing is based on choice and consent of the consumer user. Advertisers are encouraged to use them with restraint and sensitivity and with limits. This is the only way to enjoy a productive and lasting relationship with the consumer with repeat business and higher contributions. Spam users in any way correspond to one of these basic principles.

Mobile marketing is worth the privacy of consumers with opt-in and opt-out conditions and rules for the user . Mobile marketing is taken into account the rights of consumers to information via databases and the rights of the continued commercialization, to contact them in the future. Spammer care less about privacy laws and rights and even in countries where spamming is not illegal to outsource. In short, mobile marketing never considered “spam”.

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Mobile Marketing and Events

Be it a sport event, concert, television show or some other occasion, organisers have always looked for new ways through which they can engage their audience. It is not enough anymore to feed information to a passive audience but essential that they feel engaged in the occasion. Mobile technology is one effective way of achieving this. Using mobile marketing to help promote events is not a new practice but it is one that will continue to evolve and improve. With the emergence of smart phones capable of an extraordinary range of functions, the future integration of mobile technology into organised events is certainly exciting.

Television has proved to be an effective user mobile technology as a way to further engage its audience. Shows such as American Idol who allow viewers to vote for their favourite contestants have been at the forefront of mobile use on television. Certainly, Idol owes its consistent number one rating in part to its engagement of viewers in allowing them to decide each season’s winner.

The popularity of using mobile technology in television has translated to other types of event. Recently, the US Open tennis tournament made use of text marketing to fill in the downtime between matches. Prompts that appeared throughout the day on the replay screen called for the crowd to vote on such things as the upcoming song, trivia questions or just allowing patrons to message in why they love tennis. Organisers have said that future editions of the tournament will continue to use the system while also giving those who text in the opportunity to receive alerts on match scores and other relevant updates.

While new and innovative uses for text messaging are still being developed, the growing popularity of smart phones has given event organisers a far greater range of tools with which they can communicate to their audiences with. Applications for one allow organisers to create content that ties into their events. The US Open particular offered an application that allowed users to keep track of match scores and tournament information.

The social networking capabilities of phones though is something that organisers are particularly excited about. The recent Red Bull Air Show used the social networking service, Whrrl, to create a society which interested parties could access from their phones. Because Whrrl takes account of a users physical location, those who joined the society were able to access exclusive content which tailored for them based upon their physical location.

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The Key Is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is rising in popularity. There are so many reasons why companies are starting to use it more and more. One of the biggest reasons is that most people do own a mobile phone. They take it with them wherever they go. If they are going to work or out on the town, that phone is with them. This is why companies see that mobile advertising will simply do wonders for them. They will be able to reach people during the day or night and anywhere that they go.

Making a great ad takes talent, so a company will usually hire a firm to handle that. The professionals that are trained in making advertisements will draw them up something that will wow the public. Then, a company has to figure out how to send it out to the masses. Now that there are mobile phones, it is the quickest way to reach many, many people. In fact, cell phone advertising reaches clear across the globe and that means all kinds of people will learn about their product or their services. Whether they are near or far, cell phones ads get the attention of the public.

For cell phone users, the ads that they send sometimes contain coupons or discounts. They should always read the ads to see what they are about. There may be something that will benefit them in their cell phone as more and more companies start to use mobile ads.

Making the most of this type of advertising is important. One great ad can reach thousands of potential customers so the ad must be very well written and direct. It should be short because most mobile phone users are busy and don’t have time to read lengthy messages. It should be concise.

When companies use cell phones to reach their customers, they will be pleased with the amount of business it will bring to them. That is what they want. They more business they attract, the higher their profits will become. It is a great way to advertise for many businesses and they will see that it will generate a lot of interest from customers.

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An Overview on Mobile Marketing

The use of mobile phones is increasing day in day out. Mobile applications dictate that nearly everything can now be done via phone. For the open-minded marketer, he or she will quickly realize that people are no longer visiting cyber cafes or carrying laptops around. Attention is shifting to mobiles devices, especially the Smartphones and tablets, and this only means one thing, a very dynamic, straight, thorough, and targeted marketing platform. Mobile marketing is indeed the new way to go in reaching the masses with products and services based on the fact that nearly everyone has a mobile device.

To actually decipher how viable this marketing phenomenon is, companies are creating mobile versions of their websites. Why? You guessed right – to make their goods and services more accessible to the masses. Mobile marketing is mainly achieved through SMS marketing, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like), and through company specific applications. With more and more people increasingly buying Smartphones, the sky is hardly the limit in mobile campaigns.

There are several immediate advantages that come with mobile marketing. First is the cost-effectiveness, and secondly, the two-way advertisement possibility this channel brings about. If people use their mobile devices to communicate, connect, and interact with loved ones, this indeed means that they can also do that with businesses and retailers. If the same devices are playing a major role in today’s shopping to compare prices, products, get discounts, and the like, this means the customers will accept marketing strategies such as deals, offers, and coupons, which they even don’t like carrying around in their normal paper form.

One factor that really drives up mobile marketing is real time marketing. Here we might want to know that SMS marketing is a principal strategy that is used to reach the masses. Through the text marketing channel we are able to bring other options that consumers will make a choice over. The SMS may come bearing links to emails, points of sale, websites, or even social networks. For a mobile campaign to succeed it should always be about giving the customer a choice and not seem to impose it on them.

Mobile marketing cannot only be seen as a strategy but also as a channel which brings in customers’ interaction with products and services. Establishing a relationship with a customer and in real time for that matter is the goal of today’s marketing and the mobile platform is helping businesses achieve exactly that. Phones, smart or otherwise, are not the only target of mobile campaigns as companies are also working to have presence among tablets as these give customers more control over applications.


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Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

An Exclusive new Hands Free End to End Mobile & Social Restaurant Marketing Platform. A revolutionary mobile marketing strategy for Restaurants – Aimed at 50 Restaurant owners who are FAST enough to act ! Up for grabs at the heart of the FREE services being offered for a limited time are Three (3) 100% FREE services for Local NJ Restaurants at the Jersey Shore in Monmouth & Ocean counties. Sign-up for FREE Training + $ 2,000.00 in FREE online services; the free offer includes a FREE Web-Page with Review – FREE advertising for up to 1 year AND a FREE Video course for Mobile Marketing Training for those restaurant owners who are more “hands on”.

All amazing and fantastic offers can be accessed by going to:

Looking for more exposure for your Jersey Shore Restaurant? Jersey Shore Restaurant Reviews of Long Branch NJ has just launched its EXCLUSIVE new Hands Free End to End “Mobile Marketing for Restaurants Platform”. An exclusive mobile marketing strategy and platform designed for NJ restaurant owners to obtain contact information from every Patron (and have them practically begging to GIVE their information to them) through mobile phone marketing. So Restaurants can keep in constant touch with their patrons offering specials, wine tastings, coupons and more – a revolutionary
mobile marketing strategy that will have patrons FILLING their restaurants with 3 hours notice at the click of a couple of buttons. In addition Jersey Shore Restaurant Reviews offers many tactics to obtain constant referrals from their happy patrons; As well as a FREE review of the Restaurant placed on their Jersey Shore Restaurant Reviews sales-advertising web site. It’s a win-win
mobile marketing strategy for Patrons and Owners alike.

After months of development, testing and over a thousand man hours, a new mobile marketing strategy and services paved the way to the development of a dedicated Mobile Marketing for Restaurants platform in NJ, has been launched.

Look no further in Finding the best dedicated professional to market your restaurant in NJ, Mobile4Leads and Jersey Shore Restaurants Reviews’ awesome Mobile Marketing for Restaurants is your best choice. Never have I come across a company with such a vast and dedicated arsenal and mobile marketing strategy focused solely on NJ Restaurant Marketing and up to the minute Online Marketing tactics from web to mobile!

With my interview with the owner and
mobile marketing strategy guru Frank Melocco, I learned that he and his family live; work and play at the Jersey Shore. So, local restaurant owners are sure to find a local professional who is always available when needed.

Restaurant Marketing NJ: In one bold statement, what sets your mobile marketing for restaurants apart from all the rest?
Frank : “Finding qualified professionals to market your Restaurant is difficult enough, add to that the speed at which technology is moving and it’s clear that you need a specialist solely focused on YOUR field. That’s specifically what we offer to our Restaurant Owners through a vast selection of mobile marketing services. Spanning Web Site Development, to Social Media, Direct Mobile Marketing with Lead development, List maintenance and more.”

Jersey Shore Restaurant Reviews end to end Mobile Marketing for Restaurants Platform in NJ employs a Multi Media approach utilizing Desktop Websites, Mobile web sites, Text / SMS Marketing Techniques / Landing Page Marketing / Social Media – Facebook Fan Pages / Twitter / Four Square / SEO techniques and much, much more! So get ready to be amazed and awed at how Jersey Shore restaurant owners can benefit from a mobile marketing service that is solely devoted to Marketing your restaurant.
Jersey Shore Restaurant Reviews guarantees, that their Mobile Marketing for Restaurants Platform will bring in Real-Time responses, RESULTS and will revolutionize how bottom line of any Jersey Shore’s restaurant that employ’s their new Exclusive Mobile Marketing for Restaurants platform.

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Social & Mobile Restaurant Marketing at the Jersey Shore

About The Author

Restaurant Marketing NJ, is the originator of:
An Exclusive new Hands-Free End-to-End Mobile & Social Media Marketing SYSTEM for Restaurants Platform in New Jersey.

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Relive the Highlights from our Mobile Marketing Finance Summit

Relive the Highlights from our Mobile Marketing Finance Summit
Our Mobile Marketing Finance Summit yesterday was a great success, with fantastic insights shared by every speaker and loads of energetic discussions at our round table sessions. If you weren't able to make it, you can get a sample of the day's best …
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Apple News Ads Restrictive and 'Difficult to Negotiate', say Advertisers
Apple News Publishers and advertisers are unhappy with the limitations on ads in iOS 9's Apple News app, according to a report in the New York Post. Apple News brings together articles from a multitude of publishers in one app, similar to Instant …
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Mobile Marketing and Mobile Fast Commissions

Mobile Marketing is a fairly new phenomenon.  It originated in the early 2000s with the creation of marketing messages sent via SMS, or short message service, otherwise known as text messaging.  There are now many products promising to teach you how to do this type of marketing, and Mobile Fast Commissions is just one of them.  This mode of marketing started in Europe and Asia and quickly spread to North America and elsewhere.  There are several definitions of mobile marketing, as well as several types and ways to do it.

The term mobile in mobile marketing used to mean movable, as in booths that could be taken to road shows and conferences.  But since the advent of the ability to market on mobile electronic devices, the term has taken on a very different meaning.  Basically, it means marketing done via the medium of moble devices.  Other definitions might include delivering personalized messages through mobile devices or distributing ads through wireless networks.

Marketing via SMS was the first way to do this type of marketing.  Now, there is also MMS (multimedia message service).  MMS allows marketers to send messages with much more than text to devices such as iphones and smartphones which have color screens.

 Those of you with websites should learn about mobile web marketing, or creating web pages specifically for access via mobile devices.  Since devices have small screens that have difficulty displaying traditional websites, having a mobile optimized page can give you access to many more customers.

Mobile marketing poses challenges as well as rewards.  Privacy is important to people, and governments think so too.  Many have taken measures to regulate advertising so users don’t get spammed.  Most countries require or will soon require customers to opt in or double opt in in order to receive advertising.  These areas pose some difficulties for new mobile marketers.

Moble Fast Commissions is one training program that can help you learn to market to and through mobile devices confidently.  It is a 30 week training program created by Caleb U.  It also includes software which can aid in marketing efficiently.  In addition, there is 24 hour support if you should have any questions on how to impletment the training or on how to use the software.  This is a quality product that can get you great results.

It is understandable if you look at this product with skepticism.  But if you actually use the program and the software, you will get results.  Mobile marketing is a great way to expand or start your online marketing career.  

Learn more about Mobile Marketing at tech expert Francesca Korpela’s latest site which also provides a detailed review of Mobile Fast Commissions.

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A week in our workforce Mobile Marketing Enter Price
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GIV mobile promoting the philanthropic BLU advance smartphone Android 4.0
GIV philanthropic mobile ad BLU forward GIV Android 4.0 Mobile smartphone if you are unfamiliar to achieve a non-contract wireless conscious consumer, who operate nationally on the 4G LTE network of T-Mobile USA, Inc. and 96% Americans.
Mobile Follow the item code

October-December for New Mobile Marketers
By combining its prices online and marketing strategies to those found in the store, with the electronics retailer to a drop of 20 per cent of the purchase. Additionally, push notifications serve as an effective method to connect the …
-Marketing country code

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Mobile Marketing

It is kind of marketing, but using Mobile Phones. It is one of the smartest ways of marketing.

Targeting right audience is the key in Mobile Marketing. Day by day Smartphone are increasing this mobile marking is also inserting with a significant growth.

Mobile Messages are and their types:

1. Short Message Service (SMS)

2. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

3. Bluetooth

4. WAP (Download Games ,Ring tones, Applications)

5. Audio Ads

Short Message Service (SMS)

It is called as text messaging. Sending short messages up to 144 characters

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Sending messages which include multimedia images, audio, video, rich text. With the increase of Smartphone like iPhone, android these MMS messages are having great demand in future.

In future this growth will extend to video chat with the advanced technologies like 3G.

It is a Rich Media with lot of potential market

In the below ways we can use mobile platform to promote a product or service

• Text Messaging (SMS)

• Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

• Banner ad on mobile browsers

Advantages of using Mobile Marketing

• Instant Delivery and Instant Response: It is an instant delivery sometimes customer will respond in minutes of time.

• Instant rewards: We can provide rewards instantly we can grab the customer attention in no time.

• Latest information sharing: Information sharing is very ease and sometimes it will be viral too.

• We can target right audience at right time

• Special Offers can be announced

How we can implement Mobile Marketing:

• Build the Database: First we need to build the database of the targeted customers.

• Keep it simple: Our promotion, our message should be very simple and direct to the customer.

• Personalize: Personalize the message according to the target user.

• Be relevant: Always send some relevant message to the customer.

• Maintain time: Maintain right time to reach the customer rather than in odd timings.

• Make it viral Message: Send some viral messages rather than ordinary one.

Future Advancements in Mobile Technology and marketing:

• Mobile TV

• Location Based Services

• Mobile Video Streaming

• Mobile payments

Mobile Marketing Process:

• Targeting Right Audience

• Creating a content and Concept for delivery

• Creating a Campaign by doing research on market

• Designing an Application and Building it

• Reporting

Finally by using a perfect mobile strategy

• We can Acquire Customer

• We can engage with Customer

• We can inform to the Customer

• We can connect with Customer

• We can Serve Customer

• We can Retain Customer



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