Flyer Marketing

There are a lot of avenues to make money online and there are a lot of ways to make money offline.

For true success the key is to combine the power of the two. This isn’t some secret piece of knowledge. Every Internet Marketing message board you go to will have a section on offline promotion. For ages people have been taking simple steps like putting their websites on their business cards, brochures and menus. Conversely they have been putting those things on their website.

You want your online presence to boost your offline recognition and vice versa.

If you have an internet product/service OR if you are promoting someone else’s service/product you are doing yourself an injustice if you don’t think about the classic (dare I say the original?) guerilla marketing technique – flyers!

They are super cheap to make and, if you do it yourself, free to distribute. Alright maybe not free, they might cost you sore feet though – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The history of the flyer dates back all the way to the 16th century. They didn’t really blow up as a form of promotion until the 60’s when the psychedelic colors and designs on flyers were the most popular way to promote a concert. That is when the flyer truly came into it’s own.

Flyers are still widely used to promote events, services, products and even breaking news. Take a look at any construction site in your city and look at the vast number of flyers that are pasted there. Take a look at your grocery stores cork board. Flyers are used, because they work.

They may not be the “green” choice that is so popular today but you can reduce the environmental impact of flyers by using recycled paper AND making sure to promote your product/service properly. That means you target certain areas (like the cork boards in particular stores) where your offer is most likely to get a response. Targeted “flyering” is that rare technique in that it is both environmentally AND economically sound

It is a waste of time, paper and money to hang flyers everywhere. Pick your products carefully and pick the areas to hang your flyer even more carefully. If you have a great online offer and combine that with responsible and targeted flyer placement – you are bound to get some much needed exposure while having little impact on the environment (and pocket book!).

Next time you have something you need to promote online..think offline! Go with flyers!

Ted Payne spent his formative working years in service to the community. He was a front line worker at a homeless shelter for a decade. Since most people burn out in 3-5 years in that field, a decade was enough for Ted. He switched his focus to internet marketing because he was sick and tired of answering to a boss. After many misfires and frustrations Ted is now making his living through the internet. Read about his quick cash story now.

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