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Debunking The 7 Myths of Marketing In The Enterprise
Over the last few months enterprise giants Oracle and Salesforce have put on shows featuring the likes of Hillary Clinton and Bruno Mars reminding all of us in the enterprise world that marketing matters. While most enterprise startups will never reach …
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What (Millennial) Women Want: One Marketing Strategy Doesn't Fit All
If you ask many of today's business-to-consumer companies about their target market, "women" and "millennials" are likely to come up a lot. The fact that marketers are going after these two segments should come as no surprise: The buying power of …
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Oracle Big Quest To Win Marketing Cloud
The cloud trend in technology started fifteen years ago where the early players were moving fast to the cloud and even just four years ago analysts were critical of Oracle that they were late to the game. Oracle may have missed the big market moves to …
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