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You may not be able to do it as a full time job, but flipping houses is a great way to make more money in a month that you will for the entire year. After a while, you may be able to quit your day job and just flip houses as a living.

You would be self-employed, make your own hours, have a lot of freedom, and make a ton of money in a short amount of time. It is, however, risky business that will not give you a steady pay check or health care benefits for your family.

You may make $ 30,000 in one month, but in may be your only source of income for the next six months. You just never know what the real estate market is going to do or if you will be able to sell your investment.

This means that you have to plan out your budget very carefully and wisely. If you do rake in a lot of money during a sale, you should set the majority of it aside so that you will be able to pay your bills for the next several months while you look for another property to invest in.

Selling properties is not the only thing you have to worry about; you also have to find the right house to work on. This task will probably be the hardest one and the one you have to do the most research on.

You will need to know the area in which you are doing business and get to know the demographics. You need to know the average home prices, what the market has looked like for the past ten years, what the average ages are for people in the area, family size, income, cultural preferences, etc.

All of these things play very large factors in how you will do business and what you will put into the remodel. For example, let’s say you buy a home in a lower middle-class area where the average family size is five per household and most people are blue collar workers.

You do not want to remodel a home in the area putting in things like wood floors, recessed lighting, granite counter tops, and high end appliances. These things are very nice and will be appreciated, but a home in the area with the demographics described above will not sell for a profit.

You may have purchased the project at a steal, but with the amount of money you would have to put in to make the upgrades compared to the maximum you could sell the home for in the area you would be losing money instead of making it. Similarly, you would not want to do a low budget upgrade in a neighborhood with multi-million dollar homes because no one wants to buy the worst house on the street.

There are many factors that go into buying and each needs to be considered very carefully before you delve into a project that empties out your bank account. After you choose an appropriate home with the right demographics, you need to start to go to work.

Unless you are a licensed contractor who is qualified and capable of doing all of the work by yourself in a short amount of time, you probably need to hire some people. But before you start hiring, you need to assess your needs.

You should decide if you need new flooring and in which rooms, if any walls need to be taken down, if bathrooms need to be remodeled and if you need new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. These are the basic aesthetic things that should be addressed first.

Hopefully you picked a project without any major structural, electrical, or plumbing issues. These are extremely expensive repairs that would require permits from the city.

If you do need permits, make sure you apply for them as early as you possibly can, as it may take a while for your local officials to process them. After you assess the repairs and renovations that need to be done you can hire contractors who will give you an estimated budget and time line.

Jack R. Landry has worked in real estate since 1988 as an expert on home buying and construction. He has written hundreds of articles on real estate and home construction including home builders in Utah.

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Virtual Marketing

Angel Investing Workshop – Community-Based Private Equity: Learn the Fundamentals of Angel Investing

Sterling Heights, MI (PRWEB) October 03, 2014

UHY Advisors, sponsor and co host of the informative, focused and lively afternoon of Angel Investing activities. Find out what it means to be an Angel Investor and it’s free. Spend the first part of the afternoon participating in ‘Live’ pitches from some of the areas up and coming businesses. Come see and hear what it’s all about. Stay for the second half of the program to hear from experts on what it takes to be an accredited investor and how angel investing can provide a strong return on investment while supporting regional prosperity.

Finding profitable investment opportunities can be a challenge – but community-based Private equity might be an overlooked area.

Regional economic growth requires new businesses and an ecosystem able to support startups. The most cited failure in addressing this need has been available seed capital. Recent economic studies have documented that virtually all net new job creation comes from startups, yet local financial support continues to evaporate.

While the lack of startup financing has become the highest priority for startups, it is creating new financial practices to take advantage of these investment opportunities.

This workshop provides an overview of angel investing through organized networks that provide the operational support, shared diligence and diversification opportunities that can be vital additions to an investor’s portfolio.

Join this workshop hosted by Ken Kousky, founding member and President of BlueWater Angels and CEO of MidMichigan Innovation Center, to learn the ropes of this “angel investing” concept.

Topics will include:

How to identify high-potential startups to make successful investments
How your capital and mentorship can help foster a thriving entrepreneurial community and drive economic growth
Why community-based private equity and the sectors potential is consistently undervalued.
Companies that are presenting: is a matching algorithm based website that connects small business owners and small business lenders. While other small business lending site are trying to disrupt the business loan market by attempting to commoditize loans has built a powerful tool for the enormous banking industry to help combat the disrupters. To date the bootstrapped startup as helped create over $ 9,000,000 in new relationships. Not only does provide lead generation but it also acts as a knowledge resource and a data collecting site. The company is currently raising a $ 500,000 seed round to execute an extremely focused 18 month new user acquisition campaign.

Coupon Wallet bridges the gap between paper and digital coupons with a patent-pending marketing & analytics platform that builds brand loyalty, reduces fraud, and provides a much higher ROI than traditional paper coupons. Our team’s vision is to become the #1 digital coupon processor.

Eve Medical is a medical device company dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare through design. Their core product HerSwab™ makes it easy for women to conveniently collect their own samples to screen for vaginal and cervical infections.

FIRST Sense Medical is a late stage pre-revenue company that has created a constructive cure for breast cancer! They are able to detect the propensity for a woman (and some men) to develop breast cancer so very early in the process with a 95% sensitivity rate (5% false negatives) and a 91% specificity rate (9% false positives) that women when tested can take the proper medical actions necessary to prevent the cancer from developing and spreading to the point she dies. Further, our trade secret smart software actually improves these metrics over time as more data is analyzed!

Native Traits Corporation develops and markets naturally-occurring genetic traits that make corn resistant to drought and tolerant of temperature extremes. Their proprietary NT RECOVERYTM technology is superior to genetic engineering (GMO) technology in terms of cost, product performance, absence of regulatory issues, and consumer acceptance. Seven major seed companies have executed Material Transfer Agreements thereby providing the Company a clear pathway to an estimated six billion dollar annual market.

Memloom offers a positive B2B (and B2C) user experience with a multi-media platform that elegantly preserves the art of storytelling. A web-enabled multi-media social networking experience, Memloom allows companies to tell and share compelling stories to engage customers, inspire action, create an emotional connection and most importantly, allow consumers to share their stories with other customers. Memloom delivers a strong value proposition by facilitating contextual storytelling useful for any number of business applications.

Please register no later than October 13th for this Educational Workshop directly with David Weaver at dweaver(at) or with your UHY connection Jeanette at jstefanski(at)

Contact: Jessica Dalessandro


586 843 2507

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