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Madison high schools take a new, creative approach to teaching entrepreneurship
The class, called "Innovation Zone 1: Entrepreneurship," teaches students the marketing, finance and management aspect of being a business owner. Around 25 students are enrolled in the class in each of the three high schools. LaFollette High School …

Tyre firm dumps raunchy adverts and boosts sales
“Our marketing now isn't just products, it's education-based marketing, with lots of visuals. When we go to trade fairs, we now take a sports car rather than a hostess, which means you meet a much broader set of customers,” Lahdo told The Local. Lahdo …
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Local printing company wins 'Best Workplace' industry award

Local printing company wins 'Best Workplace' industry award
Think Patented printing and marketing company in Miamisburg has achieved a designation of “Best Workplace in the Americas 2015” for its human resources practices from the industry group Printing Industries of America, a spokesman for the industry group …
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Vyhnalek: Post-harvest marketing workshops set
Post-harvest grain marketing workshops will be offered at 10 sites across Nebraska in November and December to assist grain producers in creating a written post-harvest marketing plan that is right for them. The Platte County Extension Office is …
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3 local women you should know

3 local women you should know
When Ann Mayer, 43, isn't working as a marketing specialist at Kolbe Windows and Doors or taking care of her family, you'll find her somewhere in the community volunteering. “Most of my friends would tell me that I just can't say 'no' when asked to …
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Why DuPont hires linguists
After all, cultural sensitivity is an absolute must when establishing a global digital presence, so DuPont encouraged in-country teams to prioritize as they saw fit to appeal to the local market. “There are language nuances that you can't ignore, image …
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NAPLES, FL–(Marketwired – October 09, 2015) – has named Sachs Marketing Group the eighth best local SEO company for October 2015. Sachs Marketing Group was selected due to their impressive performance in the proprietary evaluation …
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The world is a smaller place now, thanks to the internet. Businesses can be setup real fast with adequate amount of investors in the same – thanks to the internet again. The internet has benefitted us in so many ways that ours lives are almost entirely dependent on the same. There is not much time when the ‘almost’ factor will be replaced by ‘complete’! THAT is the importance of the internet in our life today.

• Understanding SEO and SEM: From the word, search engine optimization came another term known as the search engine marketing or SEM as we know it today. SEM is basically a strategy that is employed by companies who have websites so that they can attract the maximum amount of traffic to their sites. It is a virtual war between sites trying to command share of the market on the internet. Quite understandably, people are investing more on the same as the returns go higher as the investment is focused on quality rather than quantity.

• Money from Traffic: Deducting the money you have to invest to get the desired traffic to your website, the money which you can gain from the traffic is quite a lot, if you can take your local business online successfully. Not to mention the further help you’ll get in generating leads and expanding your email list!

• List Building (Lead Generation): List building begins with having a website from where you’re supposed to get the maximum inputs. A good website is a precursor to getting a healthy amount of traffic to your website and ultimately, more traffic means more money, in simple and lucrative terms! List building exercises can also be done with the help of social media and especially if you have an account on social networking sites.

• Website Designing: A proper website is where you should put your money into. A properly designed website will help you generate more leads as you pursue local marketing deeply. Presentation coupled with quality content will help you attract more attention than you can ever think of! Not just limited to that, a website will act as a landing area where the people interested in your product would want to contact you.

• Public Relations: After getting a list made, it is important to pursue the list by using proper methods of improving the PR image of the website/the company in general. Like you, the people on your list would also like to be treated individually and would love to have some gifts from the same source. Adding a freebie to your product can improve sales dramatically as witnessed by experts.

Since the internet has become more of a market now, it is important to know how to market local on the internet. Businesses all over the world have realized the importance of marketing on the internet, so much that a major portion of their advertising revenue is spent in marketing. Internet is the best place to market today especially when you know that you can target all and sundry over the medium.

Local businesses really need your help. Today’s trend is all about the internet and they need to establish themselves on this venue or get left behind. To find out more about local online marketing, go to where I have a free report for you.

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Virtual Offices Help Small Business With Local Search Marketing

No one denies that there are great benefits of working from home but most professionals today get up early, get ready, barely have the time to grab a bite and rush through the pollution and traffic to their offices. In bigger cities some travel for an hour or more to get to work.
Still very few opt to work from home. Its simply not viable. The business you may lose by not having an office in the commercial sector can be too high a price for the comforts of your cozy study.

This is when Virtual Office comes to your rescue. Its a perfect middle path, which lets you have a high profile business address in a prestigious street for less than half the price it would take to rent out an actual office space.

Virtual office as a concept is still new, starting only in early 90s, the possibilities and advantages it offers have still not been fully explored. We are in the midst of a communication revolution, pioneered by the internet and driven by smart phones and lo-so networks such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter and Facebook; the very manner in which we do business is set to change forever. Having an impressive company address has become ever more critical for small business.

Fewer and fewer people refer to phone directories and the likes of yellow pages when looking to buy something or hire a service. Everything happens online or via smart phones aided by GPS. Your business information, phone number, business address as well as reviews of the service you provide are all only a click away from your potential customers.

The first impression is no more made when you hand out your business card or when a customer visits your store or office but when she logs on to check your website or visit your business profile on business directories of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Virtual Office can turn out to be a great tool for anyone who is looking at local search marketing. Having a virtual office will let you add a prestigious address to all your online business profiles. If used intelligently the concepts of Virtual Office and Local Search Marketing together can give an incomparable advantage to small business over their competitors.

Virtual office makes it possible for small companies to have an office in every commercial region, letting you cover the entire market. Its affordable, and free of all the hassles of maintenance.

As Multi-National Corporations you will be everywhere; in every city which you wish to cover. Customers who use smart-phones and the internet to explore available possibilities in the market would start considering you as a viable option. No more would it matter where you actually work from or which corner of the city your customer is in.

This is just the beginning. Virtual office is quite new and Local Search Marketing is still in its infancy. We still havent explored the possibilities they offer but one thing is sure that they will have a much greater and a diverse role in the times to come.

David Nikolic is the owner of United Virtual Office which provides Virtual Office Services to business owners making a prestigious address affordable with all conveniences of a traditional office. These Virtual Offices are equipped with the latest technology updates and live phone answering services.

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Are you working on Marketing outputs or results?
At a conference I spent seven hours by local business owners, marketers and PR professionals to share first-hand experience on marketing challenges and how they solve them. One of the main topics was digital trends and what we, & amp; amp; nbsp; …
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B / E is seeking approval for the seats slide
Literally – – one of pain to fly providing more space for passengers over B / E Aerospace Inc. filed a patent application and brand, in its opinion, could fix. But the idea of ​​seats on the rails and …

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Local Marketing Expert Bizzness

To understand the trend of the SEO Local Code gives you the largest picture of why you should not wait more to implement mobile marketing technique for your business. A thorough analysis of statistics shows an incredible increase in the use of mobile phones that use mobile marketing at the same time to the wide range from the industry. The statistics are really an infallible indicator of the strength of mobile marketing to build your business.

On the basis of the latest statistics:

. More than 250 million Americans who are about 80% of the population carry mobile phones to be
In 2012, about 10 trillion text messages sent and delivered worldwide.

Four of five young people have a mobile phone and a large number of mobile users, over 57% view their mobile phones as a social media because measurement connect with your friends through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others.

. People invest in their mobile phone is significantly increased compared to any other type of media
In terms of market experts analysis, it really expect that mobile marketing and advertising are only a few hundred million in revenue in 2008 3-5000000000 dollars next year determined to soar.

In comparison to the use of the Internet, the number of subscribers with mobile phones compatible with a large proportion is expected to grow that the Next year three quarters of the global population will use mobile phones in one direction or another, and this opens the best avenue of advertising to mobile marketing enthusiasts.

.- SMS or text messaging marketing gets 7 to 15 times the email marketing response rates and also has an open rate of 97% incredible

How to quickly open a text or a text message Message, and research is usually faster than a contact. The e-mail typically takes several days, but rarely take many minutes to open a text message.

SMS or text messaging, was confirmed to have a clear return of over 20%. This is high and is expected to double someone to welcome the useful advertising. Honestly, there is no other media that such a high return on investment is how the mobile phone is.

Everyone has a cell phone. There are five times as many people with cell phones as Internet access. Accordingly, the scope of mobile marketing will also be the most powerful medium in media marketing reputation.

Recently, several companies have mobile phones, commonly known as smartphones, which grew remarkably user-friendly applications. This has fueled the demand for ten mobile phone use. Not too long ago, many people wanted to smartphones like Google’s Android and Apple iPhone have. The arrival of smartphones has apparently provoked a mobile phone use skyrocketing. As an intelligent local entrepreneur, you should take this insatiable demand for smartphones in your mobile marketing strategies produce before the competition is too steep!

Use social networks for smartphones is easier, in fact, and many smart phones with such integrated features developed, and they are very easy to use. Thinking about the value of Facebook and the availability of Facebook on your phone, there are all the reasons why local business owners who really think big, that the use of advertising platforms of social media technology mobile marketing for local businesses adopt provided. The number of mobile social networking on the rise in mobile marketing and the future of marketing.

If you investigate these high statistics, you will find immense benefits can get a local business if they choose, Mobile Marketing as its means of dissemination of their advertisement with other information for each customer.

Bizzmobi Marketing Agency is a choice of href=”” local local businesses marketing search engine and social media marketing solutions. By providing customers with quality local listing service and mobile marketing service.

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Viber dials up US marketing efforts
“The US has been one of our top performing markets for some time, so we're looking forward to implementing local marketing strategies with Scott at the helm to further drive this success,” added Hardy. Nelson added: “Our new agency partners are known …
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Village Bakery keeps focus on renewable energy, caters to local … everything
The business incubator went on to help with packaging, labeling, presentation, communication and marketing. Opening the Village Bakery was a sort of graduation for Hughes from the incubator. The response from the community is overwhelmingly positive …
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Brevard arts, cultural groups get marketing aid
More than two dozen Brevard County arts and cultural organizations and events will be sharing $ 345,000 in marketing help under a plan approved Wednesday by the Brevard County Tourist Development Council. The money comes from the county's 5 …
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Local digitial analytics, marketing company inks two new contracts

Local digitial analytics, marketing company inks two new contracts
Nashville-based Merging Global Technologies has inked two new contracts, one with local liability insurance company Get Insured 24/7 and one with Swedish IT company TeamLink International AB. The web analytics and digital marketing company was …
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Business Mixer Tonight With Guest Kalynn Amadio In Pleasantville
Kalynn Amadio, Host of ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business will be the featured speaker at the Live.Love.Own business networking mixer on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at Wood & Fire 59 Marble Avenue in Pleasantville. According to Bloomberg, 4 out of …
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Three Ways To Win With Mobile Wallets
Mobile wallets — the technology inside your mobile device that includes payment software such as Apple Wallet — have realized slow but gradual adoption in the United States, but they are poised to become a huge part of digital marketing moving forward.
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Benefits of Local Internet Marketing

Before moving on to understand the benefits of local internet marketing, let us first understand what it really means. Web marketing that is targeted through the use of tools such as Google Maps, Social Networking Websites and Web directories typically helps achieve local promotional goals. It is more relevant for businesses that wish to grow within the realms of geographical boundaries with the help of the internet.

Why must I focus on a Local market when I reach the World?

Believe it or not, in the long run you may realize that is a lot simpler to focus your website on your local business and drive a targeted traffic towards your website and physical stores as against developing pages that are targeted to a larger and more generic audience around the world with a much lower rate of conversion.

How does this benefit my Business?

The primary benefit of local internet promotions is simply acquiring targeting traffic that is more likely to convert into functional sources of profitability as against those which are located in different parts of the world. For Example, if you have a store in Vancouver, and your website undergoes an internet marketing Vancouver specific campaign it is more likely that a potential customer from the city is going to avail your product or service than someone who accesses your website from Toronto.

It has already been established that local online marketing is relatively cost-effective, simpler to execute and more effective in terms of conversions.

The fact that one needs to be less aggressive when it comes to local web marketing also means that it is going to cost you a lot less. Your SEO strategies can get a lot less complicated thus giving a higher return on investment.
Similarly, when you are implementing a local internet marketing strategy it is obvious that you are also competing with few people. There will be few people who focus on keywords such as ‘Quebec Hair Dressers’ in comparison to just ‘Hair Dressers’. Penetrating through the location specific set of keywords to enhance your over all search engine rankings becomes a lot easier especially if your business hails in smaller towns.
One may see a drawback in the fact that you are reaching out to a much smaller audience, but at the same time you are reaching out to an audience that is more likely to render your services than others.

Though local web promotions may seem like a less ambitious project at the beginning, you will soon realize that it has more benefits to offer than one can imagine. It is definitely a highly recommend exercise to drive more quality traffic to your website.

Ivory Shore expert team will assist you in optimizing your ROI by customizing Internet Marketing Vancouver strategy and solutions that are relevant to your business.

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