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Online Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing aims to get others to spread your marketing message for you without further effort from you once the message is created. The essence of a viral message is that it spreads ever outwards, multiplying as it goes and with a life of it’s own. The secret then is to give people a message that they want to spread or cannot avoid spreading. For us online marketers, the simple message we want to spread is the URL of our website, sales page, landing page, or whatever.

There are of course general viral aims such as raising our profile, but the two main aims are to get back-links that will improve our search engine rankings, and to drive traffic to our site. All methods are not equally effective for these two main aims. Here are five well-known message mediums, with some tips on making them viral. We need to be clear what we are trying to achieve with each.

Mostly for links

Article writing. Use that resource box to the full and include three deep links to your site. You immediately get links from the directory or other site where to post the article, and you’re looking for others to post the article and resource box in many more places so that it spreads virally.

White papers. These work in a similar way to articles, except that they are usually first posted, or given away from, you own site. There are no links initially, but you hope that people will post the paper on their own sites and encourage others to take it up.

Mostly for traffic

These methods make it unlikely that the medium will be used In a way that will provide back-links, but if people read it on-screen they may click the link

Tip: Keep links simple and memorable for people who see them in printed form.

eBooks. Make your eBook free. Put your link in the footnote at the bottom of every page, and where appropriate in the text. Encourage people to give away copies.

Email. Have a text link in you signature box and also possibly your logo with a picture link. Make sure the main text of your email encourages people to forward it to others.

Software. Aim for neat bits of software that contain your link in a way that it will be displayed often in a way that encourages that click – widgets, clocks, simple games, almost anything. But keep your objective in mind. It’s no good having your software passed on to thousands if they never see the message.

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Marketing Green Earth

Reading the latest Norwich Union study on eco-lies to make me my own authenticity Green Girl Wannabe in question. Appearances are deceptive, and a lot of green I took credit should really go Green Guru. I Green Guru married less than two years ago. This life-changing event led a green consciousness, which was not there before. There is a difference between being aware and taking action, however. If I’m honest with myself, I’m still stuck in the role of passive thinkers. Green Guru is to make a ninety-nine percent of the work environment in our home. If there were no Green Guru, I’d still be living in my old house, the explosion of a poor insulation and energy costs sky. I would still drive my old Subaru. I’d still be a dilettante recyclers. I would even wash loads in like you would not believe. I would still have the plastic road from Whole Foods. I brazenly overbuy room and throw half away. I would use all my old bulbs. I would all devices connected 24/7 leave. This is who I am, still in the ring.

This split between consciousness and the lack of appropriate measures has become an obsession of mine. Back in the 80s led the British account based in the planning of advertising and has revolutionized the way the ads are designed. The role of the account planner is for consumers to understand at a much deeper level than is generally realized by traditional market research techniques. account planning is based on a string of consumer insights. Part of the problem with the current climate crisis, there is no convincing message to the majority of people like me who actually sold in a set of green land. The reason why there was still no convincing message, is the lack of a well-designed communication campaign. If Green Earth was a product, and I am responsible for marketing to sell it, I would have dismissed long ago my work. This is where account planning comes in. There must be a better understanding of what motivates people. Why buy the product GreenEarth? Why do they do to their old habits again? What convincing? These are the questions that should be asked. These are the questions I ask myself.

Awareness is not a problem. I believe the problem. I know what to do so. The first thought is that I feel detached. My life is good enough as it is. If you ask me to change my life so radically, I’m not sure I can. One thing I could handle, but not much, especially if I do not suffer now. The old methods of work for me. They can not work for the planet, but they work for me. I must not change the will of my own. It’s too much work, too much trouble, and I have enough on my plate already. I could regulations. But to initiate changes in my own, especially a number that is just too much. I always tried to do with all the green there gooders about their green actions provide. Good for them. For me, it makes me feel guilty and incompetent. So many things I have to do. I give up. You do not understand what I have to do as it is. Do not ask me more. ,

Account Planner could stop there. And start my sense smorgasbord of ideas to do. Insight that comes out, is my cry. I want to do good, but I can not, and I’m looking for another way to ask. I do not want to have so much to do. Important lifestyle changes to make energy needs. This is no different from people trying to quit smoking or drinking, or lose weight. For this reason, Weight Watchers and twelve step program are so popular. What is needed here is a green solution of the earth that does not put as much pressure on the consumer, and moving instead to external structures. Big Brother has to step.

Rao Marguerite-Coat is a blogger, social psychologist and green girl wannabe. Margaret “My Inconvenient Truth: Daily Sins of Green Girl Wannabe” Since April 2007, she wannabe their daily suffering as a green girl in chronic blog

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Direct Marketing

The advantage of direct mail marketing postcards

What direct marketing campaign can do for your business? Do you try to customers, receive the message, but did not feel as if they are the way they react they want? Have you imagined them sitting in their homes or offices, sifting through piles of letters and bills to only throw your precious marketing materials as soon as they come into contact with their hands? We know it’s difficult to get your name out there, but you can still take some steps to make your more effective direct marketing.

The advantage of direct mail marketing postcards

You must first realize that your customers or potential customers already receive large amounts of email. Anyone over a certain annual income threshold can bet his people. After money you can expect to get many different types of materials of unwanted mail direct marketing. Therefore, your organization with a graphic or design of this must fit your direct marketing is more effective. A notable design is your marketing materials to look like a postcard from an old friend. Most people can not do without such an opportunity so that your organization stand out in stark constrast against a wall paper to jaded letters.

1) Choose what you want to say

With advertising postcards, you get to decide what to say to your customers, and more importantly, how you say want. Ordinary mail will not let you get close to them to do in the situation. Remember that people are trying so fast through their emails to sift through as they can, and they have seen it all. You know what everyone is trying to get them to do, but you can do better. You can create unique content for your business opportunities. You can also select a unique design that makes your business really shine over all the “junk” mail received other direct mail marketing campaigns.

2) What the research shows

Research shows that advertising is a proven way of postcards to get the word about your business. If you doubt the effectiveness of using postcards in your direct mail marketing campaign, just ask some entrepreneurs who have used them in the past. You will notice that the contractors are on average more satisfied with the results they have seen their advertising postcard campaign. You will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you have chosen a very effective way of advertising.

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Direct Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing: A Marketing Bulls Eye

With all the technological advancements present nowadays that can be used in advertising any products or services, it is necessary that merchants should know and understand who their target audience is and how are they going to reach these people. They have to spend more effort on this or else their competitors will be the one to get all their prospects.

Many forms of traditional media are now slowly deteriorating when it comes to their effectiveness. A lot of them are replaced with new media tools that are in today. Some of the old media that are not effective to use nowadays are radio, newspapers and even TV. The only old traditional media that is still effective amidst all the advancements is the traditional mail that is used for direct marketing. Based on the data submitted by Infotrends(1), 69% of consumers still prefer the traditional mail compared to its electronic counterparts.

Businessmen used new technologies to their advantage for direct mailing rather than replacing it with new media tool. It is believed that if you put personal touch in your mail, the campaign will have a greater chance to succeed. By creating a personal message like putting the name of the target clients for example, makes them feel important and get more attached to your business.

Almost all business owners already have the technology to use for the success of their direct mail campaign. They have this software that stores the collected list of prospect clients and important details that can be used for the campaign. Theres a tool also that can be used to make more personalized direct mail marketing.

Always Keep Track of Basic Information & Every Transaction with a Prospect or Customer

You should always update and keep track of all the needed information of your customers. Do not just get the basic information like the name, telephone number and address, as much as possible try to record details such as, the last time they purchase a product from you and what did they purchase, their special product reference, the last time you had an encounter with them, or their response to your ads. Meaning to say, all possible and needed information should be recorded and this can be used for future reference.

If you are new in the business and having difficulties in gathering list of prospect clients, you can actually purchase list of prospect clients from a broker with unquestionable reputation. Doing a direct marketing campaign with the use of the lists given by the brokers can be a good start while youre still groping in the dark.

Using direct mail as a way to advertise your products and services is very cost effective. You only get to mail those clients who have the potential of doing business with you. You wont go astray just like what happen to other forms of advertising. In suing direct mail, you dont have to spend much, but you get to touch more people especially those people who are really interested with the services youre offering and the products that youre selling.

Direct mail campaign gives you results that you can record and adjust for more possible profit. This is one of the benefits that you can get in using this medium for advertising your products and services.

Giving promotional goods as a gift or token in responding to the mail will definitely increase the effectiveness of your direct mail. This will also help to easily measure the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

Nitesh Patel is a blogger and also content service provider for various website. His work is related to blog setup and customization if you want more advice or need help with content and blog you can contact me on my website Redefining Technology.

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Social Marketing

The Impact of Social Media Marketing

In today’s fast moving digital environments, it seems that the management in many companies still do not believe in the power of the Internet and in particular the changes in marketing and customer relations that have happened as a result of web 2.0 and the advent of Social Media Marketing.

“Social Media Marketing is emerging as one of the most important, if not the most important source of information for the consumer.”

With over 120,000 blogs written daily and thousands of online forums where customers are openly discussing their satisfaction and dissatisfaction with products and services, we still see company management hiding their heads in the sand and not engaging in conversations with their customers. For many companies this is simply an area that they are not comfortable with as it sits outside their own “zones of expertise.” Management need to realise very quickly that once a story is on the web, it stays on the web for many years and potential customers doing a very simple search can find out a lot about your company.

Technology is now available to trawl the Internet for any mentions of your company or brand and monitor the conversations going on. We can even categorise these conversations by “Sentiment” as to whether they are positive, negative or neutral mentions. In fact, a simple search on Google for your company/brand name and obvious keywords on the main search and blogs search, will give you some idea on the volume of information people can find out. But then what? Well in today’s world, if you know people are talking about your brand, then it follows that it’s imperative that you must enter a dialogue with them.

“Social Media Marketing is highly persuasive because the writer apparently has nothing to gain from the reader’s subsequent actions.”

Lets look a scenario that could and does happen to companies regularly.

An unhappy customer sent an email to your Managing Director last week, asking for a refund on the basis that your company had not performed against their promise. The MD did not reply personally, he simply forwarded it to customer services, which had many other things to do as well that day. With email being an instant communication tool, the customer at least expected something from the MD, they got no reply … nothing….nada!

As a result, they believed that they had been treated shabbily. In the good old days, they may have thought about the small claims court, watchdog or some such redress. But in today’s computer savvy world, the first thing they want to do is express their anger quickly and in particular, let every other potential customer know how badly they have been treated and that they didn’t think that they got value for money from your company. So they write the whole story in their blog, comment on other peoples blogs, start a forum thread on a consumer watchdog website, take a video of the problem and post it on YouTube ….. in effect they create what’s known as a “Blog Attack” on your brand!

“Building a traditional communication strategy and internal process to ensure a positive customer experience is hard work for any company. It’s always been easier to run another good advert, issue a ‘testimonial success’ press release, or hold a press conference to tell people how good you are. It’s always been a lot easier for a company to talk, than to listen to its clients. However your customers simple “Word of Mouth” communication habits have become more sophisticated, they are now blogging and twittering about you, so the burning question today in many boardrooms is “what’s that?” The answer is… It’s Social Media Marketing!…. How are you going to react?”

Every company now needs to contemplate how they should manage user feedback on their products and services in this very public arena. The power has since the creation of the “blog” shifted to the consumer and there needs to be high recognition that to protect your brand you need to do something……and quickly?

It is now very important for companies to be transparent and have open conversations with their customers. Other customers will then not only see the negative comments, but the fact that you are doing something about the complaints, this is majorly important for your corporate image as you are being seem as a very responsive and responsible company to do business with now and in the future.

This is hugely attractive behaviour for the consumer and your brand will gain respect. Through Social Media Marketing, we can assist you to engage your customers in a blog or a forum (

or both) and even where necessary reach out to the complainants with an old fashioned face to face meeting, if that is what’s required.

Customers need to feel appreciated, and when they do they write about the great experiences as well.

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SMS Marketing

6 General questions about SMS marketing

? Q: Does my audience really wants to get text messages from my organization

Yes … if they are worth sentence. Text messaging is a very powerful and intimate channel. If the message you’ll not only worthless annoy your audience, but you will lose if they opt-out of messages. If we are asked this question, we usually say the story of a wine tasting clubs who have asked their late 20s through 30s audience how she wanted to be contacted about special events. Almost everyone answered “by SMS.” The organizers of the Wine Club were shocked because they had adopted the reply email. Respondents indicated that this was because they are passionate about wine events and wanted to get the information as quickly as possible, do not wait until your e-mails were examined.

? Q: marketing SMS only for “young” Targeting

Of course, the idea of ​​”young” is different but often when people ask this question, which refer to high school through college age group. In this case, the answer is “No” Send At this point, the majority of mobile phone users under the age of 50 and receive more text messages than phone calls. If you targeting 20s, 30s and even 40s your SMS marketing campaign will appeal to the majority. However, the fastest growing group of age 50+ for mobile technologies. If you are looking to stand out from the competition by the public Catering “old” SMS may be a good fit on.

Q: What information do you collect when someone texts a SMS campaign

for now, just know that their mobile number and mobile provider, but you can ask for more. With the ability to log both ways, even on a shared short code, you can request more information such as e-mail, postal code, full name, and more. We worked with several clients who have successfully used SMS segment and target their audience via the mobile phone number.

Q: How many texts we recommend in a month Send given

The answer to this variable. We have customers who send less text messages once a month, and some send more than once a week. To determine the exact amount you need content of the message to evaluate (it is precious?) And watch the opt-out rate. You will quite quickly be able to see what your audience is worth to think. If you can send several messages with lower opt-out rates, go ahead.

Q: What is the frequency of SMS marketing organizations try but give up because the results are not what they were expecting

Unhappy seen what we are about 10-20% of the companies or nonprofit, the message text try marketing with the results. The real shame that it is not technology that abandons the campaign fails. The number one reason an SMS marketing campaign is not successful, because it is not well supported by an attractive incentive that is conveyed by the mainstream media on site signage or web efforts. If the public is a good reason not given the text-in, or they are not aware of the campaign, the database will not grow well. High motivation and a lot of visibility still provide impressive results.

Q: What is SMS marketing differs B2B company vs. B2C companies

If a company wants other companies with their text messaging campaign goal, they usually have fewer options in which it For traditional media and on-site signage comes. Normally, the best places are to promote their SMS campaign for a company of B2B, fairs, trade journals or other events. In these cases, the company can reach their target audience when the phone may be the best or the only way for them to opt-in.

Justin Mastrangelo is president of YES Interactive, a company start the client and manage SMS marketing campaigns by their owner JA.TXT SMS marketing software code

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Online Marketing

Online Video Marketing News

Online video marketing is becoming a popular venue for people to pitch their products and business opportunities. Our lives are becoming more hectic and we are the masters of multi-tasking. So, if you want to get the attention of the general public, you need to be fast. And, if you want people to remember the information you are promoting, you need it to be memorable.

A website describing a product is a good way to advertise and explain your next latest and greatest idea; however online video marketing will a put a picture in someone’s mind. People will stay on a web page for a brief period of time but they will allow a video to keep playing even if they have moved on to something else. An impression is made in seconds and that impression will be clearer if someone has an image to keep in mind.

If you are selling a pen, a majority of the world will know what to do with it. However if you are pitching a business idea, you may need several minutes to get the main idea out in the open. A video will make an explanation easier to follow.

It takes a lot of money to make a commercial for television. You have to hope and pray your commercial does not end up running in the wee hours of the morning in between the commercial for penis extension and the next greatest diet control pill. Online video marketing gives you all the control you need.

You Tube has become a great platform for online advertisements. You can produce a video of good quality with a wealth of information for less than a thousand dollars. If you do not have a lot of money, try not to compromise on the quality of your video.

Spending the extra money to buy a good quality camera that allows you to record your video in high definition will be worth every extra dollar. If you do not take the time and money to invest in a presentation that you believe in, why should people want to invest in your idea?

Try to get your video out on as many web pages as you can. You Tube is only one stop for your video. Offer to allow someone else to advertise on your web page in return for giving you space on their website. Research other ways to get your online marketing video out to the masses. You could have the best and most entertaining video out there but if no one sees it, that really does not matter.

Want to put your online video marketing on steroids in 48 hours or less? Get a Free 30-day trial of Traffic Geyser for a limited time. It’s the most powerful video marketing software on the planet! Click the blue text in this paragraph for more information.

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SMS Marketing

Influence of SMS Marketing in India

As India’s economy growth is at a slow rate, entrepreneurs need to look for cheap and reliable mode of marketing to boost their business productivity. In the last 12 months, India’s local currency has depreciated more than 20 percent due to weak economic and monetary conditions. Currently, small and large-scale companies in India are struggling to cope with fluctuating market conditions. Hence, choosing low risk marketing options such as SMS marketing is a safe and effective way to uplift your business in India.

Now, Indian companies are facing many challenges in the form of high exchange rate, liquidity crunch, high interest rates, global recession issues, double digit inflation and global financial crisis. So, you need to stay focused on your marketing strategies to withstand the fluctuating local and global market conditions.

As there are over 791 Million mobile subscribers in India, clinching to SMS marketing is the best way to uplift your business productivity. One of the primary reasons for the failure of small-scale business is that people invest a lot of money for advertising campaigns which may not offer results as expected. As a result, financial issues begin to emerge and results in the closure of the business within the first few years.

When choosing SMS marketing, you might not have to worry about the investment because it requires only a minimal investment. Nowadays, most of the SMS service providers are charging just a small service fee based on the number of SMS send. Unlike media, radio and newspaper advertisements, SMS marketing is not affected by the changing market conditions. At present, mobile users are increasing in India at at 20 million new subscribers per month.

Most of the people in India have already started to make use of mobile internet for browsing, coupon scanning and shopping. So, making use of mobile as a medium of marketing is an effective way to uplift your business in India.

Another added advantage of SMS marketing is that it has faster turnaround time and higher response rate than other modes of marketing. As SMS reaches the recipient’s mobile directly, there is a higher probability that people might read the message in time. It is also found that 90% of messages are read by the customers instantly.

As it has faster turnaround time, you might be able to analyze the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaign within a few weeks effectively. Analyzing the progress of the marketing campaign helps you to improve your campaign and boost your business productivity quickly.

All these awesome features make SMS marketing strategy an effective marketing tool in India.

The author of this article has expertise in SMS marketing. The articles on SMS software reveals the author’s knowledge on the same. The author has written many articles on bulk SMS as well.

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Social Marketing

Internet Marketing With Social Media

Internet Marketing Social media is a strategic tool that increases quality traffic to a company’s website. Most internet marketing campaigns are successful when they include social media as one of their strategic tool. Human behavioral studies show that people have much value for a friend’s opinion rather than other sources. A conversation between a customer and his friends has a huge impact in spreading a word about business. It is cost effective way of incrementing brand-awareness. A consumer’s recommendation to their friends will influence their behaviors much as a hundred TV commercials. Studies have found that total behavior is towards discarding snail mail and even email, and they are long becoming the neglected ways of communication. But on the other hand corporate behavior is in favor of increasingly popular social media websites.

It is found that youngsters always converge towards social media websites, and their conversations happen mostly there. The young consumers are not only active in social networking, but they will not hesitate to spend a large part of the income on the products that are favored there. This is the marketer’s word for popularity increase. So the popularity increase through social media can bring a huge amount of profit boost overnight. Companies can get a good feedback in the same social networking websites on their products and it will be a good platform for research and make any modifications according to the consumer’s desire.

Corporations can boost the consumer’s interest in their product and increase traffic to their websites, by reacting favorably and reasonably to such input given by the users. It is a good idea for the companies to provide free entertainment and games so it will captivate the consumer’s interest. This will naturally bring in more traffic to the product websites. Solid research is always essential to start an internet marketing campaign. You have to make a deep research on knowing your target communities within the social networking circles. You have to understand the needs and wants of the consumers and the ways you can offer them those services. It is better to gather information from your competitor’s websites.

You can try to find out how they overcome the task of including social media in their website. It has been denoted that proper research will allow the new products or product updates to reach their potential customers within minutes of their launch. In Internet business there is no single strategy that will work all the time. There is no bullet proof recipe that will work without failure. You have to adapt to new ways of communication in the social networking world, thus forming your company’s strategy against the changing trends of marketing. This will show the results very quickly. So you can come to know if the effects are favorable or adverse, and adopt the proper strategy that is needed.

Read about search engine positioning and how it can help your business at atlanticOptimize.

Virtual Marketing

Create a Vision with the latest in Virtual Marketing Techniques

Listed below is our marketing strategy. Feel Free to read over it and ask questions if you have any.

Communication with customers is no longer a one-way message. Companies must find new ways to communicate with customers rather than at them. From Podcasting to YouTube to blogs, social media on the Internet redefines new ways to interact with customers. GhostLynx will help you engage customers, build customer communities, and most importantly achieve immediate results and growth.

Providing the next generation of marketing, from all of us at GhostLynx, we welcome you.

GhostLynx provides the latest in digital marketing capabilities. We emphasize “vision” here at GhostLynx.

Think of us as your virtual employee, taking your company, services, and products to the world. We spread your vision to millions, putting your name above the rest. Our strategy here at GhostLynx is truly like no other. We help our clients understand the unique nature of online marketing, achieving their marketing goal with Image Creation, Image Delivery, and Image Enhancement. We help you create a virtual presence reaching your existing and future client base.

There are 3 keys successful virtual marketing. Image Creation, Image Enhancement, and Image Delivery. Listed below are these 3 categories and i’ve decided to list a few strategies our company follows.

Image Creation

3D Product Visualization

Web Design & Development

Video Messaging Clips

On-Demand Content Delivery

Logo Design
Image Delivery
Search Engine Optimization

Webx Seminars

Web Hosting

Emailing w/ video links


Image Enhancement
Industy Award Submissions

Relevant Publications

Discussion Forums


To learn more about this feel free to visit
GhostLynx Services

Let’s take a look at a few of these categories

> 2D & 3D Product Visualization- Have a product idea or a sketch? GhostLynx brings your idea to life with 2D & 3D digital imaging.

> Web Design & Development-We create professional web site design, Flash multimedia and corporate identity. Truth be known, most web sites do very little to help their company’s presence. This is simply because most web sites are lacking key components. Proper application of:

Web Best Practices

Strategic Creativity

Search Engine Optimization

Technical Innovation

Savvy Marketing

Sound Business Theory
These things are what separate typical web sites from performance-driven producers.

> Video Messaging Clips-Connects consumers and small businesses effectively. We take your product / company photos and or videos and create a mini commercial. It’s a great marketing tool for you. Great for getting your vision across to your past and future client base.

> On-Demand Content Delivery-Our presentation services will assist you in effectively packaging your message to your clients. We help you present a vision, not just a slide. At GhostLynx we help ensure broad communication of your presentations by optionally converting them to XPS and PDF files for sharing with users on cross platforms. We then help you distribute your presentations through such mechanisms as WebX seminars and email distribution.

> Logo Design- Design your company logo

> Video Delivery- With the latest Digital Multimedia capabilities, we create your own personal company/product video. What better way of advertisement! Not only do we host your video for the world to see, we attract clients/consumers to it

> Search engine optimization (SEO)-SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it “ranks”, the more searchers will visit that site. SEO efforts may involve a site’s coding, presentation, and structure, as well as fixing problems that could prevent search engine indexing programs from fully spidering a site. Other, more noticeable efforts may include adding unique content to a site, ensuring that content is easily indexed by search engine robots, and making the site more appealing to users.

> Ad words-We create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business. Your ads then appear on Google. When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in you. People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you.

> Discussion Forums- Ghostlynx goes straight to your directed audience. We attract clients/ consumers with interest to your vision.

> Webx Seminars-Increase customer, partner and employee productivity with on-demand web meetings broadcasted on the internet. Free yourself from the time and distance constraints and collaborate on-demand with partners and coworkers around the world. Ever price the cost of setting up a meeting outside of the internet? This is just one more innovative way GhostLynx is the next generation in marketing.

The online revolution…traditional marketing approaches have become obsolete. We help developing and developed organizations attain a cost-effective edge in marketing operations. There are now over 1,000,000,000 Internet users…all potential buyers. How many did you reach today? How many found you today?

GhostLynx. Unleash your Vision.

For more information on the subject, download our Free information at


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